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The key word that best describes the Marcello Marchesini winery is “tradition”. And so, we surely can state that little has changed over time. The aim is and remains to share and promote their passion for wine and knowledge about the various grape varieties through their Marchesini Tour and Tasting! You can find the winery in the vineyard area of ​​Bardolino Classico, in the southeast of Lake Garda.

Since the post-war period, grandfather Plinio Marchesini was the first to believe in this passion, turning it into a profession. He invested the family savings to continue cultivating the land of the Cavazzocca Counts of Lazise. An activity that the family had been carrying out for the past 200 years. He began by producing bulk wine, selling it throughout Northern Italy and gained fame among the Veneto wineries.

His son Marcello took over the family business in the 1980s, introducing a new vision, which focused on the quality of production. He realized new wines thanks to his experience and his commitment, all sold exclusively in bottles, such as Bardolino Chiaretto DOC and San Fermo, produced in limited quantities with Corvina and Merlot grapes.

The company is now run by the daughters, who carry on their father’s path in producing a quality and sustainable wine. A wise combination of tradition and technological innovations, with a particular eye to respect for the territory and its biodiversity.



  • Did you know that one of the most important factors to determine the features of wine is the special climate of Lake Garda? In fact, the winter period is particularly mild. This along with the characteristics of the soil, makes these places ideal to grow grapes.
  • The main grapes used for Bardolino Marchesini are Corvina, which gives structure, Corvinone, an ancient variety, Rondinella and Molinara, which give lightness and flavor.
  • The Marchesini winery is also known and appreciated abroad and has obtained several national and international awards for its wines.


Marchesini Tour and Tasting

Do you love wine, or do you want to get to know this world?

What better place to taste the famous Chiaretto and explore a renowned winery on Lake Garda?

At the Marchesini winery in Lazise you can combine a guided tour around the property and vineyard with the tasting of 6 glasses. The visit will be led by the story of the family’s journey and discovering the details of the various stages of production. There will be local cold cuts and cheeses, as well as olive oil, which the winery itself produces. All produced at 0 km, in perfect combination with the wines presented.

The route lasts about 2 hours, and can be booked from Monday to Saturday, at 11.00. Just two participants are enough to confirm the wine tour. We invite you to contact the winery directly for special requests. This experience is also open to children, who can take a trip outdoors and enjoy a good snack. At the wine shop you can buy the wines that impressed you the most.

Find out how the family takes care of each bunch, until turning it into quality wine!

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