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The spring of 1941 marked the beginning of the park as the property of the Sigurtà family. Dr. Sigurtà, buys the land, which had been up for sale for several years and known known as an annoying and difficult property to sell. Dr. Sigurtà began the great work of restoring the garden, when he discovered to have the ancient right to draw water from the river Mincio. Something long forgotten by his predecessors. Thanks to the irrigation, the park returned to be home to a thriving vegetation and took on an aspect of incomparable beauty.



Thanks to the love of the Sigurtà family for its Garden, the park has achieved several awards like the “Most Beautiful Park in Italy 2013”, the second place of “Europe’s Most Beautiful Parks 2015” and the “World Tulip Award 2019”.



Parco Giardino Sigurtà is a real natural paradise, that extends over six hundred thousand square meters. The ideal place for those who love to take a walk or spend a day on wonderful grasses, surrounded by seasonal flowerings and historical sites.


  • Entrance to Parco Giardino Sigurtà.
What to do
  • Discover the 600’000 square metres of the second most beautiful botanic garden of Europe!
Not included
  • Bike/golfcart rental
  • Tour with little train.
  • No pets allowed, it is permitted to take your own (e-)bicycle into the park.
Extra Services
  • Restaurant, bike and e-bikes rent, golf cart rent, panoramic train.

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