Parco Natura Viva – Garda Zoological Park

Parco Natura Viva - Parco faunistico e Safari


Parco Natura Viva was created after architect Alberto Avesani had decided to transform his farm, which had existed since 1933, into a nature reserve. He wanted to keep animals of the local fauna to breed them and to show them occasionally to the public. The park evolved and expanded as it temporarily began to welcome exotic animals from a circus.



The first exotic guest of Parco Natura Viva was Pippo the hippopotamus, donated by a circus and symbol of the park. The age has never been determined with precision, but Pippo has certainly reached an age of 50 years and maybe even exceeded it. An age record that only a few other hippos have reached in Europe.



As a European modern zoo, Parco Natura Viva-Garda Zoological Park is much more than a place to go and see animals. Today the functions of a modern zoo embrace the conservation of biodiversity in many aspects and these can be summarized in three bases:

  • Contributing to the conservation of animal, plant life and its natural environment. Protecting endangered species.
  • Optimize the intern management of animals inside the zoological park by carrying out continuous research on topics such as population biology, animal welfare, behavioral ecology, development of cognitive skills and veterinary medicine.
  • Education to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity on our planet.

Discover all this through a journey that connects all continents!


  • Entrance ticket Zoo section and Entrance to the Safari section (with car). Optional: Dog sitting area
What to do
  • Come and visit all the Park’s inhabitants in their natural environment!
Not included
  • Parking, Car rental – 20€ /hour to be booked in advance.
  • No pets allowed.
Extra Services
  • Dog sitting, parking, restaurants.

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